Monday, 15 March 2010

Day Twenty Six

Last week I heard some important news which I probably should have known a couple of weeks ago but due to lack of facebook I didn't. I'm luckily all caught up now.

Life without facebook is still going well though. For the first time ever I handed in an assingment for day before its due, I'm not going to completely say it was due to no facebook but I'm sure it was a consisting factor as theres no time to waste, I just get on with work more quickily and give myself much fewer breaks.

I've realised what I do miss about it though. I miss sharing good news and achievements - such as handing in assignments, looking at photos, there should some photos cropping up from recent nights out which I really want to see, and ones which I need to upload myself.

Right now I'm quite looking forward to reading all my wall posts as apparently everyone is being told to reconnect with me. So leave me something nice for when I have to endure reading the endless notifications...


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