Saturday, 3 April 2010

Day Fourty Five

The last day of my Facebook Freedom.

I'm kind of dreading going back to it tomorrow, however I am oddly looking forward to reading over all the comments...even diary entries that people have written on my wall. It really will take me a good couple of hours to sit down and sift through it all. All the outdated messages in my inbox and events that have passed, it's going to take quite some time.

What have I learnt from this delightful little experiment? Well, Life does not revolve around Facebook and you will not miss the biggest social events and miss out on the latest news about your friends lives if you're not 'connected.'

I'm seriously considering having my password changed again during May, when my next lot of assignments are due in, because when it comes to doing work, lack of Facebook really has done wonders.

So next year, I would encourage everyone to take a break from Facebook during Lent, you learn a lot and the word 'free' certainly seems to come to life. Given the fact that Lent is about giving something up which is a pleasure or a sin, Facebook really does fit the bill perfectly from a religious perspective.

Okay, so Facebook probably isn't one of the deadly Sins in life, but you certainly appreciate other things in life without it:
Face to Face conversation - which doesn't start with 'Have you seen on Facebook...'
The ability to get on with work much quicker
Other websites - I now regularly check BBC News and the weather - much more important websites really
Sleep - When I come home after a late night I go straight to bed, I no longer stay awake for an extra hour faffing about on Facebook
Email and Texting - Remember before the days of social networking when you would email people to tell them things? Well that has certainly been revived, similarly with texting. I get unlimited texts, so mass texts about events aren't really such a bad thing either.
Peace of Mind - No need to check the Facebook Status' or pictures of that guy you like or that girl you use to know. Or get paranoid about weather a certain status is refering to you or one of your friends. Similarly, no need to worry about being Facebook raped and thinking 'Oh No my Mums going to see it!'

So...I love the lack of Social Networking. I will go back to it and my life will slowly slip back into the world of Facebook, but I have certainly learnt a lot and would like to Thank You all for the support and abuse which I will read tomorrow on my wall...



  1. Remember that print screen! :)

  2. Well done you, I think I might do the same for a bit as my dissertation isnt exactly flourishing right now!

    Becky G x